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Courses & Prices

Basic Pistol Marksmanship (CCW Certification included upon completion) – 8-hour course, $150

 Basic Rifle/Carbine Marksmanship – 8-hour course, $150

 Advanced Pistol Marksmanship - 8-hour course, $250

Advanced Rifle/Carbine Marksmanship - 8-hour course, $250

 Hostile Environment Awareness Training - $45 an hour

TAC MED/ STOP The Bleed - 8-hour course, $200

Shoot House Operator Training/Range Time - $45 an hour 

Home Defense (with or without firearms) - $45 an hour   

Security and Home Safety Consultations - $45 an hour

 Situational Awareness Defense and Implementation Training (at home and away from home) – 2-hour class, $100

F.K.B.O. Training Group accepts credit cards, debit cards and cash.

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F.K.B.O. Training Group brings you a 1 Day TAC MED/STOP The Bleed training course. Please contact us to secure your spot because they fill up fast.

TAC MED/ STOP The Bleed class to encompass providing immediate care for either an injured or sick principal or a team member that is down. CPR guidelines, proper positioning, correct, moving techniques. Paying close attention to moving your principal from the area of attack to either an evacuation point, or rally point where medical services can be provided. Complete body assessment should be performed to gain an idea as to the extent of the injury or illness, in order to better appraise advanced life support personnel when they arrive on-scene or when delivering your principal to a Hospital. Discuss the various types of tourniquets and quick cloth available for use in the field. Remote medic topics covered if there is a paramedic on the team, he or she will be privy to the principal's health concerns or current medication respective party might be on. Main points to touch on is keep the blood wounds contained, keep air flowing regarding CPR. If the team only has access to an EMT in Country, CPO will have three modes of communication, one of which if the absence of immediate advanced medical response shall, be used to communicate with either a Doctor or Advanced Medical personnel to commence Telemetric care. Some Clients beyond our advice and better judgement choose to be armed, in this case if it is either a principal or a team mate that is injured post haste, disarm that individual.

Basic Management Plan for Care Under fire

1. Return Fire

2. Direct or expect causality to remain engaged as a combatant if  appropriate.

3. Direct causality to move to cover and apply self aid if possible.

4. Try to keep the causality from sustaining additional wounds.

5. Causalities should be extracted from burning vehicles or buildings and moved to a place of relative safety. Do what is necessary to stop the burning process.

6. Airway management is generally best deferred until the Tactical Field Care Phase.

7. Stop life-threatening external hemorrhage if tactically feasible.


1. The care you can give a casualty during evacuation is the same as TCCC.

2. For casualties with chest & abdominal trauma watch closely for tension pneumo-thorax, especially if evacuating by air or crossing mountainous terrain.

3. Watch for renewed bleeding from any wound. If it occurs, control it. 

Our Team

Cory Livengood


I have 13 years of military and security experience.

I have advanced medical training and certifications from Executive Security International in PSD, CCM, CPS, DDM and TCCC.

I hold security certifications in AZ, NM, CO and CA .

Four years in the military with deployments in Japan, Afghanistan and Thailand where I trained foreign Special Forces Groups on firearms handling and tactics.

Also I have been a firearms instructor both in the military and civilian side for 12 years.

I have done high risk protection for A list celebrities and Political Dignitaries.

I am the founder of F.K.B.O. Training Group. Where we promote Firearms Knowledge through Betterment of Operation. Also I'm the Tactical partner for multiple companies where I train high-end Executive Security and Personal Security Detail agents.

Please call us for questions and to sign up for classes

1 (505) 215 1115

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